English 150 No.2

English 150 No.2 - Page | 1 Name: Xiao Zhang N ick name:...

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P a g e | 1 Name: Xiao Zhang Nick name: Stephanie Class: English 150 Instructor: Kristi Myer Date: 19/9/09 Explore the working experience When I finished my high school studies before I went abroad, I had a short but meaningful working experience. That was my first full time job working in the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant close to my home. Although I only spent two months working there, and I only earned 1500yuan (equal to 200~300dallors) during this time. I learned several things there and made a lot of friends. They were very helpful with my work. For example, they taught me how to use the French fries machine, how to communicate with the customers kindly and they listened to my problems about my working. All these things helped me understand communication is very important in our lives and we have to communicate each other when we found we have any problems. I also found that I could face the problem and looked for some ways to solve the problem. My parents thought I was grown up and they felt that I had been mature and
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English 150 No.2 - Page | 1 Name: Xiao Zhang N ick name:...

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