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Page 1 Name: Xiao Zhang Instructor: Ms Myers Course: English 150 Date: Dec.6.2009 Reflection This is my first time to make a brochure although I don’t think I’ve got a high score. I only want to catch this chance to make my brochure better than before. First, from oral way, I think I did a good presentation. I prepared for two days and asked my friend to listen to me again and again and gave me some suggestions like I have to speak loudly and clearly. When I was introducing my brochure I thought I was a little nervous. But I also introduced it step by step. I showed my argument first that gained some working experiences before going on study whether or not. Then I introduced the advantages and disadvantages of gaining some working experiences with my own perspective. After that I showed the research during my Chinese friends, it was a good way to help me support my exploring. At last I did a conclusion. Then, from visual way, I changed some places of my brochure as I thought it would be better
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