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Page 1 Name: Xiao Zhang Instructor: Myers Course: Eng 150 Date: 12/6/09 At the end of this semester, I found that I’ve got a good development of my writing skills. Thinking back this semester, I believe I’ve already improved my writing skills by WOVE these four different ways. I am very lucky that I could be taught by Ms Myers, and I found I am more and more interested in writing although I am not sure I can writing very professionally. At the end of this semester I’ve got a chance to make this portfolio to introduce what I learned in this course. For my portfolio, there are 4 parts by 4 different kinds of pockets. In the first pocket, there is a table of contents. It shows the main point of my portfolio. It includes the name, introductory and where each piece can be found. This is my first time to make a table of contents. At first I believed it would be very easy, I found it would be the hardest part of the portfolio because it is the guide of this portfolio and it has to be very clearly. In the pocket 2, there is a graded copy of my assignment. For this part, it told me to choose one
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