Sep.29 - 9-29 SCO Group Inc. (Nasdaq: SCOX) 52wk range:...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-29 SCO Group Inc. (Nasdaq: SCOX) 52wk range: $2.76-$14.50 2-14-2005: $4.45 Beta: 4.85 Book Value/Share: $1.27 Shares Short: 5.2 mil Revenue: 42.81 mil Return on equity: -88.46% AN ONLINE GROUP OF NON-WINDOWS USERS IS SEEKING REFUND FROM MICROSOFT FOR THEIR UNUSED, UNWANTED COPIES OF THE WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM THAT SHIPPED WITH THEIR PCs. Software Suites Integrated software, a bundle of several Applications usually including: Word Processing Database Management System Electronic Spreadsheet Presentations Software Suites Suite software allows easy Movement of information from one application to Another. Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Software that allows users to easily copy element from one document to another, keeping the connection or “LINK” between the elements. Creating a chart in Excel Copying the chart to Word document Electronic Spreadsheets; Presentation Graphics; Word Processing Microsoft Office: Word IBM-Lotus: WordPro Corel WordPerfect: WordPerfect Sun-Star Office: Writer Presentations Microsoft Office: PowerPoint IBM-Lotus: Freelance Graphics Corel WordPerfect: Presentations Sun-Star Office: Impress LibreOffice. That’s the possible new name of The volunteers that develop and promote the free office software severed ties with Oracle on Tuesday and formed an independent group called THE DOCUMENT FOUNDATION. Oracle acquired the assets along with its acquisition of Sun 4-40;4-14;4-16;4-20;4-21;4-22;4-23; PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES A programming language is a set of rules that enables instructions to be written for a computer Low-Level Languages includes: Machine Languages Assemble Languages High-Level Languages includes: Cobol Basic Fortran, Etc. 4-44; 4-47; 4-48; 4-50; 4-53 fd U¶ ª / fdU ¶ ª / W Ìp ¼Z h C O 9-29 - ...
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Sep.29 - 9-29 SCO Group Inc. (Nasdaq: SCOX) 52wk range:...

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