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11. Equality. It is impossible to understand Americans without being aware of the central role that the value of equality plays in their lives. Equality of opportunity (part of the ideal culture discussed later), has significantly influenced u.s. history and continues to mark relations between the groups that make up u.s. society. 12. Racism and group superiority. Although it contradicts freedom, democracy, and equality, Americans value some groups more than others and have done so throughout their history. The institution of slavery in earlier U.S. society is the most notorious example. In an earlier publication (Henslin 1975), I updated Williams' analysis by adding these three values. 13. Education. Americans are expected to go as far in school as their abilities and finances allow. Over the years, the definition of an "adequate" education has changed, and today a college education is considered an appropriate goal
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Unformatted text preview: for most Americans. Those who have an opportunity for higher education and do not take it are sometimes viewed as doing something "wrong" -not merely as making a bad choice, but as somehow being involved in an immoral act. 14. Religiosity. There is a feeling that "every true American ought to be religious." This does not mean that everyone is expected to join a church, synagogue, or mosque, but that everyone ought to acknowledge a belief in a Supreme Being and follow some set of matching precepts. This value is so pervasive that Americans stamp "In God We Trust" on their money and declare in their national pledge of allegiance that they are "one nation under God." 15. Romantic love. Americans feel that the only proper basis for marriage is romantic love. Songs, literature, mass media, and "folk beliefs" all stress this value. They especially love the theme that "love conquers all."...
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