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/* Mega analogWrite() test This sketch fades LEDs up and down one at a time on digital pins 2 through 13. This sketch was written for the Arduino Mega, and will not work on previous boards. The circuit: * LEDs attached from pins 2 through 13 to ground. created 8 Feb 2009 by Tom Igoe This example code is in the public domain. */ // These constants won't change. They're used to give names // to the pins used: const int lowestPin = 2; const int highestPin = 13; c void setup() { // set pins 2 through 13 as outputs: for (int thisPin =lowestPin; thisPin <= highestPin; thisPin++) {
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Unformatted text preview: pinMode(thisPin, OUTPUT); } } void loop() { // iterate over the pins: for (int thisPin =lowestPin; thisPin <= highestPin; thisPin++) { // fade the LED on thisPin from off to brightest: for (int brightness = 0; brightness < 255; brightness++) { analogWrite(thisPin, brightness); delay(2); } // fade the LED on thisPin from brithstest to off: for (int brightness = 255; brightness >= 0; brightness--) { analogWrite(thisPin, brightness); delay(2); } // pause between LEDs: delay(100); } }...
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