Smoothing - // the running total int average = 0; // the...

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/* / Smoothing Reads repeatedly from an analog input, calculating a running average and printing it to the computer. Keeps ten readings in an array and continually averages them. The circuit: * Analog sensor (potentiometer will do) attached to analog input 0 Created 22 April 2007 By David A. Mellis <> This example code is in the public domain. */ * // Define the number of samples to keep track of. The higher the number, // the more the readings will be smoothed, but the slower the output will // respond to the input. Using a constant rather than a normal variable lets // use this value to determine the size of the readings array. const int numReadings = 10; c int readings[numReadings]; // the readings from the analog input int index = 0; // the index of the current reading int total = 0;
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Unformatted text preview: // the running total int average = 0; // the average i int inputPin = A0; i void setup() { // initialize serial communication with computer: Serial.begin(9600); // initialize all the readings to 0: for (int thisReading = 0; thisReading &lt; numReadings; thisReading++) readings[thisReading] = 0; } void loop() { // subtract the last reading: total= total - readings[index]; // read from the sensor: readings[index] = analogRead(inputPin); // add the reading to the total: total= total + readings[index]; // advance to the next position in the array: index = index + 1; // if we're at the end of the array. .. if (index &gt;= numReadings) // . ..wrap around to the beginning: index = 0; // calculate the average: average = total / numReadings; // send it to the computer (as ASCII digits) Serial.println(average, DEC); }...
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Smoothing - // the running total int average = 0; // the...

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