To do this hold down the shift key while clicking on

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Unformatted text preview: a bootloader burned on your Arduino board. To check, connect an LED to pin 13 and reset the board. The LED should blink. If it doesn't, see the <a class='wikilink' href=''>Bootloader</a> page for instructions on burning a bootloader to the board. <p class='vspace'></p></li><li>If you have a really ancient Arduino board, you may need to change the baud rate at which sketches are uploaded to 9600 (from the normal 19200). You will have to change the speed in the <em>preferences</em> file directly. See the <a class='wikilink' href=''>preferences</a> page for instructions on finding the file. Look for the file in your computer and change the <strong>serial.download_rate</strong> property to match the one in your board. If you have such a board, it's recommended that you burn the latest bootloader (which works at 19200 baud). This can be done with the <em>'Tools | Burn Bootloader</em> menu item. </li></ul><p class='vspace'></p><p>If it still doesn't work, you can ask for help <a class='urllink' href='' rel='nofollow'>in the forum</a>. Please include the following information: </p> <p class='vspace'></p><ul><li>Your operating system. <p class='vspace'></p></li><li>What kind of board you have. If it's a Mini, <span class='wikiword'>LilyPad</span> or other board that requires extra wiring, include a photo of your circuit, if possible. <p class='vspace'></p></li><li>Whether or not you were ever able to upload to the board. If so, what were you doing with the board before / when it stopped working, and what software have you recently added or removed from your computer? <p class='vspace'></p></li><li>The messages displayed when you try to upload with verbose output enabled. To do this, hold down the shift key while clicking on the upload button in the toolbar. </li></ul><p class='vspace'></p><h3><a name='toc2' id='toc2'></a>Why do I get "Build folder disappeared or could not be written" (Mac OS X)?</h3> <p>Did you drag the out of the disk image (and into, say, your Applications folder)? If not, you won't be able to upload the examples. </p> <p class='vspace'></p><p><a name='macupdate' id='macupdate'></a> </p><h3><a name='toc3' id='toc3'></a>Why doesn't the Arduino software run after I updated the Java on my Mac?</h3> <p>The latest Java update from Apple attempts to use 64-bit version of native libraries, but the Arduino application comes with a 32 bit version of the RXTX library. If you launch Arduino, you'll get an error like: </p> <p class='vspace'></p><p><code>Uncaught exception in main method: java.<span class='wikiword'>lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError&...
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