MainFrame - #include"stdafx.h#include"MainFrame.h#include BEGIN_EVENT_TABLE(MainFrame wxFrame EVT_RADIOBUTTON(XRCID"VisibleRadio

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#include "stdafx.h" #include "MainFrame.h" #include <OverlayDraw.h> # BEGIN_EVENT_TABLE(MainFrame, wxFrame) EVT_RADIOBUTTON(XRCID("VisibleRadio"), OnVisibleRadio) EVT_RADIOBUTTON(XRCID("HiddenRadio"), OnHiddenRadio) EVT_BUTTON(XRCID("ExitButton"), OnExit) EVT_TIMER(wxID_ANY, OnTimer) END_EVENT_TABLE() E MainFrame::MainFrame() : m_timer(this) { LoadFromResources(); m_timer.Start(500); } MainFrame::~MainFrame() { } void MainFrame::LoadFromResources() { wxXmlResource* res = wxXmlResource::Get(); if(!res->LoadFrame(this, 0, wxT("MainFrame"))) throw std::exception("Could not load MainFrame from the XRC resource file."); f widthText = XRCCTRL(*this, "WidthText", wxTextCtrl); heightText = XRCCTRL(*this, "HeightText", wxTextCtrl); } { Destroy(); } { const int width = GetSize().GetWidth(); const int height = GetSize().GetHeight(); c if(!overlayManager_.get()) overlayManager_.reset(new Overlay::OverlayManager);
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This note was uploaded on 01/31/2011 for the course CS 302 taught by Professor J.parker during the Spring '08 term at University of Texas at Austin.

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MainFrame - #include"stdafx.h#include"MainFrame.h#include BEGIN_EVENT_TABLE(MainFrame wxFrame EVT_RADIOBUTTON(XRCID"VisibleRadio

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