web_form_pre_filled - <?php /* This file demonstrates...

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<?php /* This file demonstrates SMS message details being submitted through HTML form and then passed to SMS Web Sender along with the sites which should be used to attempt to send the message. */ * // COMMENT OUT THIS LINE TO ENABLE die('DISABLED - remove line '.__LINE__.' in '.basename(__FILE__).' to enable'); d // for debugging reasons we enable all error reporting // and output the <pre> tag to preserve text formatting error_reporting (E_ALL); echo '<pre>'; e // include required classes // SMS Web Sender requires HTTP Navigator 2.2 or later, you must define // HTTPNAV_ROOT as SMS_Web_Sender will use it to find the relevant classes define('HTTPNAV_ROOT', realpath('. ./. ./http_navigator/classes/').'/'); require_once('. ./classes/SMS_Web_Sender.php'); r // set debug level // Debug::level(DEBUG_OUTPUT_FILENAME); Debug::level(DEBUG_OUTPUT_FILENAME | DEBUG_OUTPUT_LINE); D // create instance of SMS_Web_Sender $sws =& new SMS_Web_Sender(); $ $message = ''; $ // check if form submitted if (isset($_POST['message'])) {
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web_form_pre_filled - &lt;?php /* This file demonstrates...

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