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<?php /* This file demonstrates a simple use of SMS Web Sender. T You will need to change the login and number details to your own. */ * // COMMENT OUT THIS LINE TO ENABLE die('DISABLED - remove line '.__LINE__.' in '.basename(__FILE__).' to enable'); d // for debugging reasons we enable all error reporting // and output the <pre> tag to preserve text formatting error_reporting (E_ALL); echo '<pre>'; e // include required classes // SMS Web Sender requires HTTP Navigator 2.2 or later, you must define // HTTPNAV_ROOT as SMS_Web_Sender will use it to find the relevant classes define('HTTPNAV_ROOT', realpath('. ./. ./http_navigator/classes/').'/'); require_once('. ./classes/SMS_Web_Sender.php'); r // set debug level // Debug::level(DEBUG_OUTPUT_FILENAME);
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Unformatted text preview: Debug::level(DEBUG_OUTPUT_FILENAME | DEBUG_OUTPUT_LINE); D // create instance of SMS_Web_Sender $sws =&amp; new SMS_Web_Sender(); $ // add sites (uncomment lines and change 'user' 'pass' to your login // details for that site) //$sws-&gt;add_site('1rstwap', 'user', 'pass'); //$sws-&gt;add_site('rbkuk'); //$sws-&gt;add_site('boltblue', 'user', 'pass'); //$sws-&gt;add_site('sms_ac', 'user', 'pass'); //$sws-&gt;add_site('o2-genie', 'user', 'pass'); / // attempt send (modify country code, number and message) if ($sws-&gt;send('+44', '07977777777', 'Hello, just testing')) { // send() will return true on success. .. echo 'Sent!'; } else { // false on error echo 'Send failed'; } echo '&lt;/pre&gt;';...
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