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## O2-Genie provider file - www.o2.co.uk formally www.genie.co.uk ## # Version 2.00 # by Brian Potkin <[email protected]> # Previously: Ian Cameron <[email protected]> # Modified by Keyvan Minoukadeh (2003-07-15) # # 2003/07/15 Changed last PostURL to http://sendtxt.o2.co.uk/webOriginate/action/sendMessage # 2.00 2003/04/19 Rewrote script to allow logging in via SSL and fixed # message sending. Updated message strings for status # detection. # 1.03 2002/05/17 Initial release. # # Usage: smssend o2-genie.sms Login Password Tel "Subject" "Message" # 30 free messages per month at present. # NbParams 5 %Login Convert : Your login name on www.genie.co.uk %Password Hidden : Your password on www.genie.co.uk %Tel Convert : UK GSM mobile telephone number including leading 0 (UK only) %Subject Convert : Message subject (may be blank - "") %Message Size=123 Convert : Message body (may be blank - "") % GetURL http://www.genie.co.uk/ Search Go to O2 homepage PrintMsg O2 website accessed - sending login name and password
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Unformatted text preview: GO G # Logging on to Genie PostURL https://gordon.genie.co.uk/login/mblogin PostData &username=\%Login%&password=\%Password% Search We are unable to recognise ErrorMsg 1 Unable to login - check username and password combination GO G # Send back cookies to continue logging on PostURL https://zarkov.shop.o2.co.uk/login/bglogin PostData &mID=\%RTGetInput-3-mID%&mAT=\%RTGetInput-3-mAT% GO G # Go to 'My Space' page (2003-07-15 - No need for this block) # GetURL http://www.o2.co.uk/0,,899,00.html # GO # # Navigate to message sending page GetURL http://sendtxt.o2.co.uk/webOriginate/action/viewHomePage Search Buy Additional TXT PrintMsg You are now logged in and at the message sending page GO G # Sending message to Genie PostURL http://sendtxt.o2.co.uk/webOriginate/action/sendMessage PostData contacts=&msisdns=\%Tel%&subject=\%Subject%&message=\%Message% Search Your message has been sent successfully PrintMsg Message accepted Else ErrorMsg 2 Unable to send message GO G G...
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o2-genie - GO G Logging on to Genie PostURL...

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