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## RBK UK - http://uk.rbk.com ## # Version 1.0 # by Keyvan Minoukadeh <[email protected]> # # This service is available for sending to mobiles # in the UK and Ireland only. # # Error codes : # -> 1 Error sending # NbParams 2 %Number : Mobile number to send message to (Eg. 07855 123456) %Message Size=132 Convert : Message % # Sending message PostURL http://uk.rbk.com/global/sms.asp
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Unformatted text preview: Params Command=Send Referer http://uk.rbk.com/global/sms.asp PostData Country=44&Number=\%Number%&SenderNumber=&Message=\%Message%&submit1=++ +Send+%3E%3E+++ + # Search for errors Search Message+Sent PrintMsg Message Sent! ElseSearch Message Sent PrintMsg Message Sent! Else ErrorMsg 1 Couldn't send GO...
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