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Chemistry 1A, Spring 2008 Midterm Exam II, Version A March 10, 2008 (90 min, closed book) Name:_____ KEY __________ SID:____________________________ TA Name:_______________________ 1.) Write your name on every page of this exam. 2.) This exam has 20 multiple-choice questions and 3 short answer questions. Fill in the Scantron form AND circle your answer on the exam. 3.) There is no penalty for guessing, so answer every question. 4.) Select one answer for each question. There are no questions with multiple answers. 5.) Show all work to receive credit on short answer questions. Question Page Points Score Multiple Choice 3-5 60 21) Periodic Trends 6 12 22) Molecular Orbitals 7 12 23) Kinetic Gas Theory 8-9 16 Total 100
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