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Lysistrata notes - f Leader of Greece 2 Cinesias Makes fun...

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A: Characters 1.) Lysistrata: Instructs women on how to act a. Observes and coaches women b. She doesn’t participate in sex strike or seizure of the Akropolis. i. Mastermind of both attacks (doesn’t participate) c. Separation important to rank and power with male characters d. Doesn’t exhibit sexual desire e. Smarter than other women and uses different language
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Unformatted text preview: f. Leader of Greece 2.) Cinesias: Makes fun of women and own sex a. Myrrhines wife b. Poor father 3.) Kleonike: Lysistratas neighbor 4.) Lampito: Spartan women rep a. Well built women 5.) Sparta Herald: cant resist errection towards women and begs and pleads 6.) Myrrhines: sex strike towards husband cinesias...
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