cat on tin roof - Characters: 1. Maggy: plays cat. Son of...

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Characters: 1. Maggy: play’s cat. Son of big daddy and mamma. Lonely, and bitchy due to brick. 2. Brick: favorite son 3. Big daddy: Thinks rose from grave. Vulgar 4. Big mama: fat, sincere, crude. Considers brick only son. 5. Mae: with husband tries to get big daddys estate. Mean. 6. Gooper: Corporate lawyer, big daddys eldest son and least favorved. Tries to secure estate. 7. Reverend tooker: guest at big daddys party. 8. Doctor bush: daddys physician. Morphine for big mama. Act 1: 1. Big daddys dying of cancer 2. Maggy brick married but no children 3. Setting is big daddys room a. Ghost of planatation owners haunts room I. Planatation owners jack and peter b. Liquor and radio i. Ways people hide 4. Brick forgot daddys bday 5. Maggy patheticly tries to seduce brick 6. Maes entrance a. Rivalry b. Saint maggy 7. Bricks trophy wife=maggy a. Other men want her brick should too b. Brick looks at it as passing the ball to a teammate i. Maggy depersonalizes 8. Brick desires dead friend skipper.
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a. Gay b. Maggy breaks into triangle 9. Bricks masculinity questionable. 10. Dixies interrupts bricks attack on maggy 11. Maggy admits cant have children a. Maggy feels children will bring her into the family b. Save marriage 12. Maggy gives daddy gift in bricks name Act 2: 1. First meeting between big daddy and brick. a.
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cat on tin roof - Characters: 1. Maggy: plays cat. Son of...

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