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hw 10 - Violence plays a large role in action films and...

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Majority of humans would rather avoid physically participating in acts of violence, misery, and evil; yet when individuals get an opportunity to witness evil, misery, and violence they tend to oddly enjoy the situation and gain pleasure. I believe individual gain satisfaction while viewing violent acts because it allows one to feel comfort knowing they aren’t involved. Evil and violent acts keep viewers eager and attentive simply because anything is possible during any given moment. When observing misery the spectators became grateful knowing they are safely uninvolved. Evil acts allow for unexpected twists in the plot keeping viewer at the edge of their seats unsure of what could possibly happen next. Adrenaline levels are elevated during acts of violence pushing the viewer to cheer and take ones side in a violent or evil act; allowing spectators to feel involvement in the storey in which they gain happiness when their actor prevails after a violent, evil, or miserable confrontation.
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Unformatted text preview: Violence plays a large role in action films and plays; often stories rely on conflicts to hype up the audience. Without violence a movie or play would fail to show realistic confrontations. Movies and theater performances involving evil acts allow individuals to cheer and gain contentment if the outcome they desire takes place. Viewers gain pleasure when the actor which they admire puts an enemy through misery. Movies and plays need violence and evil to assemble a realistic play of which viewers will enjoy; without the key roles of violence, misery and evil it is virtually impossible to create a decent storyline. The feelings and emotion which misery, evil, and violence offer provide pleasure to viewers because these acts create the stories we admire. Conflict plays a large role in plays and movies and without violence and evil acts it’s hard to construct a respected conflict....
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