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Kyle Johnson April 29, 2009 IAH 207 Oral Exam The main meant to be achieved in class was for you to be able to make us as students think. Keeping this in mind I believe I deserve nothing less than a 2.5. Though I’m shy which was shown by my rare classroom participation through discussion; I was able to follow along with discussions during class and had a clear understanding of what was occurring. While preparing for my oral and final exam I realized the depth and detail about the class materials. After studying the topics, articles, and books I can look back and see what I could’ve contributed to the class but failed to do because of fear. I believe I know enough of the course material to
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Unformatted text preview: receive at least the 2.5 grade I desire. I’ve also learned how debatable simple definitions of things such as thought and truth can be. I’ve also realized my true potential as a thinker and the fact that I can go beyond the simple conceptions into great detail. I will use these skills I have learned throughout my years as a college student; also I now believe I will push myself in the classroom atmosphere to be more outgoing and get involved in class discussions knowing how much I could’ve contributed....
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