Culture - Throughout time the world has had to overcome...

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Throughout time the world has had to overcome drastic economic, political, and traditional changes. Whether your white, blue, rich, poor, Christian, or Buddhist we all belong to many cultures. These changes are due to vast improvements in technology and the rapid spread of globalization. Today cultures are extremely different from what they once were. Many argue globalization is to blame for the culture clash. A price tag cannot be put on the importance of culture. Cultures perhaps may need to change, change is good and improving on an established base can be extremely beneficial. Individuals attitude, traditions, values, and ways of feeling these mechanisms are all constantly changing due to the individuals different exposures in life. Culture is important for all parts of the world. Defined culture is the totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought. “Human beings are cultured,”(Geertz). This quote is straight forward and true, humans truly are cultured and the world is shaped and formed based upon people being cultured. The way we act, think and go about life is all dependent on the culture we grew up in. Consciousness varies across different cultures (Susman). Various cultures raise and preach to people different rituals, morals, and aspects of life thus creating a vast majority of mindsets across the world. Connections are made through cultural similarities. Everyone has experienced dramatic changes to surroundings. The changes around us lead to cultural changes, and we gain many new values and traditions. Different communities and groups have different values. Change is often beneficial to communities but at the same time change can destroy cultures. Communication is also a main aspect to culture. People can be part of different cultures
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Culture - Throughout time the world has had to overcome...

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