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Kyle Johnson March 2, 2009 IAH 207 Democracy Democracy is the base of the American government. However, the only governmental system even coming close to a democracy is Switzerland. It is a political system by picking and changing government through free and fair elections. Active participation from the citizens. Rules and laws must be equal for all humans. Suggestions and ways are made by the people and represented by those holding government positions. All people receive universal liberties and freedoms. Separation of power through all different levels of the government. Numerous countries often call themselves representative democracies but in truth they aren’t. Democracies our formed by people being represented. They gain representation through
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Unformatted text preview: electing representative officials into office. The United States constitution protects certain aspects of democracy. Currently the United States is trying to force democracy throughout the Middle East mostly in Iraq. Supporting democracy allows for individual rights, workers right, religious freedom, as well as create a secure and safe nation. Peace is found to be more likely when the government used is a democracy. There are two major forms of democracy, first direct where the people are directly associated with policies and decisions made. Direct democracy is rarely used because decions would never be made. The second is representative democracy in which the people elect officials they want to be represented by....
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