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THE PACIFIC WORLD AND ITS ISLAND REGIONS I. Introduction A. The bulk of the land area of the Pacific realm is on the island of _ New Guinea _ B. The Realm consists of three regions, 1) _ Melanesia _ 2) _ Micronesia _ 3) _ Polynesia _ C. The islands and cultures can be divided in two types 1) _ Volcanic _ "high-island" 2) _ Coral _ "low island" D. Of the three areas the _ Polynesian _ culture has the most consistency and uniformity. II. Melanesia A. the name comes from the color of the _ skin _ and _ hair _ of the natives which is _ darker _ B. Principle islands are New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon, Vanuatu and _ New Caledonia _ C. _ Papua _ New Guinea is the most populous area with 6.8 million people. Only _ 13 _% of the people in New Guinea live in urban areas. The remainder are rural. D. The Melanesians practice _ subsistence _ style agriculture living on various _ root _ crops and _ bananas _. E. Copper, gold and oil have recently been discovered in the area.
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