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Human Resource Accounting Amrit Prakash Pathak MBA-IB Div B 10020241062
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INTRODUCTION Most of the enterprises which follow Human Resource Accounting spare a separate section in their annual reports for a detailed account of their human resources. Human asset reporting in India usually includes a profile of human assets, the compensation pattern, training and development, human asset productivity, human asset value, and the total wealth of the organization. The concept of human resource accounting can be basically examined from two dimensions: (i) the investment in human resources; and (ii) the value of human resources. The expenditure incurred for creating, increasing, and updating the human resource quality is known as investment in human resources. Such investment yields fruitful results like higher productivity and higher income to the organisation American Accounting Association defines human resource accounting as “measuring data of human resources and communicating the information to the interested parties”. It has rightly pointed out that human resource accounting would measure all the data relating to the people of an organization, and this data when reported to either the shareholders, or managers, or government, or any other agency, will be helpful in making the relevant decisions. Human resource accounting aims at depicting the human resources potential in
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Human Resource Accounting - Human Resource Accounting Amrit...

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