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MAE2_Homework2 - number is 0.82 Problem 5.23 A small...

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MAE 2 Homework #2 (Fall 2010) Note: Some numbers and wording may be changed relative to the textbook problems. When differences occur, this assignment sheet has precedence. Problem 4.39 An airplane is flying at a standard altitude of 25,000 ft and at a velocity of 700 ft/sec. How fast must the airplane be flying to experience the same dynamic pressure at sea level? Problem 5.13 Consider a NACA 1412 airfoil operating at an angle-of-attack of 4 degrees. Calculate the lift coefficient if the free-stream Mach
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Unformatted text preview: number is 0.82. Problem 5.23 A small business jet has a wing area of 21.5 m 2 and an aspect ratio of 5. Assume the wing has a NACA 65-210 airfoil, a span efficiency factor of 0.9, and a profile drag coefficient of 0.004. Calculate the wing lift and drag coefficients if the wing is operating at 6 degree angle-of-attack. Problem 5.26 A light airplane weighs 2,650 lbs and has a wing area of 174 ft 2 . Estimate its sea level stall speed if the maximum lift coefficient is 1.8....
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