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MAE 2 Homework #3 (Fall 2010) Note: Some numbers and wording may be changed relative to the textbook problems. When differences occur, this assignment sheet has precedence. Problem 6.4 Compute and plot the power required versus airspeed and the power available versus airspeed curves for the following General Aviation (GA) aircraft. Use your plots to estimate the maximum airspeed at 15,000 ft altitude. Assume engine power is proportional to atmospheric density. AR = 6.2, S = 181 ft 2 , e = 0.91, W = 3,000 lbf, C D,0 = 0.027 P avail = 345 hp (sea level), propeller efficiency = 0.83 Problem 6.9/6.10 The Sopwith Camel has a maximum lift-to-drag ratio of 7.7, aspect ratio = 4.1, Oswald efficiency factor = 0.7, mass = 635 kg, and wing area of 21.5 m
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