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MAE2_Homework4 - Problem 8.2 Calculate the escape velocity...

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MAE 2 Homework #4 (Fall 2010) Note: Some numbers and wording may be changed relative to the textbook problems. When differences occur, this assignment sheet has precedence. Problem A Find the neutral point and static margin for the DC-8-50 turbofan commercial transport. wing-body aerodynamic center (h acwb ) = 0.24 center-of-gravity location (h) = 0.4 wing area (S) = 2883 ft 2 , wing span (b) = 148 ft, wing chord ( c) = 23 ft wing-body lift curve slope (a) = 0.1/deg horizontal tail area (S t ) = 560 ft 2 , horizontal tail span (b t ) = 47 ft horizontal tail lift curve slope (a t ) = 0.1/deg tail length (l t ) = 68 ft, tail downwash parameter (d_epsilon/d_alpha) = 0.45
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 8.2 Calculate the escape velocity from the surface of Mars. Problem 8.9 The LANDSAT-C Earth resources satellite has a nearly circular orbit with an eccentricity of 0.00132. At perigee the satellite is at an altitude (measured from the Earth's surface) of 417 km. Calculate its altitude and velocity at apogee. Problem 8.16 Consider a satellite in a circular orbit about Mars with a radius of 8000 km. It is desired to boost this satellite into a higher circular orbit radius of 15,000 km using a Hohmann transfer. Calculate the total impulse (i.e. delta-V) required for this transfer....
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