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Computer Project #1 Due: September 22, 2010 Rachel L. Gates ACC-240 CRN: 11859 Requirement 1: (a.) Describe: Multiple Choice Quiz I accessed the Multiple Choice Quiz for Chapter 1 and successfully completed this module with a score of 100%. The quiz was comprised of 10 multiple choice questions. Approximately half of the questions were of rote memory. The remainder of questions was of applied skills and knowledge. Meaning that I had to use scrap paper to sort out the information and work through to solve the reading problem. The quiz covered a small amount of chapter 1 in my opinion. I was surprised that this quiz would have been much longer than 10 questions. Req.2 Develop Question for discussion: Why wouldn’t the site offer additional quizzes to further develop understanding of the chapters? Describe: Excel Templates for Chapter 2 The site provides a link for downloading Excel Templates for use in working on several exercises at the
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Unformatted text preview: end of Chapter 2. The template is neat, orderly, and clear on exactly where to enter information. It provides a concise format and layout for students to submit in uniformity. The tabs at the bottom of the excel form allow you to switch to other templates for additional problems at the end of the book chapter. This link not only provides a functional template for ease of use, it also provides (given) answers to check your work. Req.2 Develop Question for discussion: Why isn’t there a template created for each problem in the back of the chapter? This would save students a ton of time in battling with formatting these together, not only that, but also instructors would have a more uniform way of checking submitted homework assignments....
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