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Chapter 2 Homework - Rachel L Gates ACC-240 Chapter 2...

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Rachel L. Gates ACC-240 Chapter 2 Homework CP2-1 Determining Financial Statement Effects of Various Transactions 1.) Lester’s Home Healthcare Services, INC is organized as a private corporation since the introductory statement pointed out the face that each of the four friends who organized the company we issues 8,000 shares of common stock for their contribution to the company. To this day, these four individuals are still the only stockholders in the company. 2.) ** See Next Page for spreadsheet** 3.) Event C was not included in the spreadsheet since this business activity was not a transaction from the business’s standpoint. This was solely the personal business of the two stockholders involved. Documents may have been created; however, no actual “giving” or “receiving” had occurred. 4.) a. Total Assets: $120,000 (40k – 13k + 12k + 65k +16k) b. Total Liabilities: $80,000 c. Total Stockholders’ Equity: $40,000 d. Total Cash Balance: $28,000 (40k – 13k – 3k + 4k) e. Total Current Assets: $31,000 (40k – 13k – 3k + 3k + 4k) 5.) Most of the company’s financing comes from the liabilities. Being that the Note payable is double the amount in which was received from the stockholders’ contributions. CP2-2 Recording Transactions (in a Journal & T-Accounts) and Preparing & Interpreting the Balance Sheet 1.)
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Assets = Liabilities +
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