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Chapter 3 Homework part 1 - 2 11 g Paid cash on accounts...

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Rachel L. Gates ACC-240 CP3-1 Recording Non Quantative Journal Entries Debit Credit a) Purchase Equipment for use in biz; paid 1/3 cash & signed a note payable for the balance 5 3,8 b) Issued stock to new investors 3 4 c) Paid cash for rent this period 10 3 d) Collected cash for services performed this period 3 11 e) Collected cash on assets rec'vd for services performed last period 3 2 f) Performed services this period on credit
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Unformatted text preview: 2 11 g) Paid cash on accounts payable for expenses occurred last period 1 3 h) Purchased supplies to be used later, paid cash 13 3 i) Used some supplies for operations 12 13 j) Paid 3/4 of income tax expense for the year; the balance will be paid next year 3,6 7 k.) Paid cash for insurance policy covering 2 years 11 3...
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