Computer Project _1 - Computer Project#1 Due Rachel L Gates...

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Computer Project #1 Due: September 22, 2010 Rachel L. Gates ACC-240 CRN: 11859 (b). Students both Current and Future can find the following links to information by using the site: Current Students Future Students Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions Registration High School Students Expected Course Schedule Transfer Students Financial Aid Graduate Students Scholarships International Graduate Students Study Abroad Loan Guest Students Study Abroad Opportunities 2 nd Bachelor’s Students Student Organizations Housing Student Organizations These two columns are quite different in regards to the vast amount of resources listed for students to access. Although, they share 3 common links, the two areas are engineered to exactly what the different groups would be interested in looking for. For example, a current student like me would be interested in looking to see the recommended courses to pair together when selecting classes for an upcoming semester. On the other hand, an undergraduate from an outside university who may be interested in comparing the graduate program requirements to other university’s graduate programs would need to look under the heading “Future Students.” The organization between these two headings is arranged in such a way that is user friendly. Students expect user friendly sites when it comes to preparing for the future. (c).
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Computer Project _1 - Computer Project#1 Due Rachel L Gates...

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