25 Lesson Motivation II

25 Lesson Motivation II - Motivation II (Human Sexuality...

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Motivation II (Human Sexuality & Relationships) ASSIGNMENT a. Study text Chapter 10, pages 385-396 and Chapter 16 (pg 642-649). b. Review Questions: Chapter 10 practice test questions 4-6 (p. 415) ) and Chapter 16 c. Complete the Sex Quiz, Exercise 25. LESSON OBJECTIVE 25.1 Describe the role of sexuality in human behavior. 25.2 Summarize key factors that influence attraction and development of close relationships. PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES 25-1 Describe the determinants of sexual desire. a. Hormonal regulation Estrogen in females and androgens in males Higher levels of testosterone correlate with higher rates of sexual activity in both sexes. Might be a threshold effect however some studies have found that males with high levels of testosterone tend to have sex earlier and more often b. Erotic materials. Stimulates sexual desire in many people c. Attraction to a partner. Sexual desire is governed by the availability of potential partners and attraction to that partner. 25-2. Describe gender differences in human sexual behavior as revealed by evolutionary-oriented research. a. Parental Investment Theory. Refers to what each sex has to invest- in terms of time, energy, and forgone opportunities- to produce and nurture offspring Members of the sex that makes the smaller investment (usually males) will pursue mating opportunities vigorously and compete with each other for these opportunities, whereas members of the sex that makes the larger investment 25 25 L E S S O N
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(usually females) will tend to be more conservative and discriminating about mating behavior b. Gender differences on sexual activity and mating
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25 Lesson Motivation II - Motivation II (Human Sexuality...

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