LITR 103 Journal Assignment for Unit 4

LITR 103 Journal Assignment for Unit 4 - which see and...

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Rachel L. Gates LITR 103 Journal Entry UNIT 4 My personal opinion of why Shakespeare uses four worlds within his play is to implement awareness of the movement of conflict to harmony. I would say that he uses these four worlds to parallel the plots to unite the play itself. Each world is consistently in tandem with one another, although, we (the viewing audience) seem to be the only ones that can see them separately. The Athenian world sets the tone for us in the beginning. This is the world that the audience can see as reality as well as the characters within. Once we are led into the Fairy world, the audience is able to differentiate between fact and fiction, however, the same characters from the Athenian world do not actually know that of their surroundings. The audience sees the phenomena surrounding the characters and the characters themselves have no idea of the entities responsible for their twisted journeys ahead. The world of the workers are reality and very much a part of the Athenian world, however, they are the only ones of
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Unformatted text preview: which see and suffer the visible troubles and obstacles placed onto one of their own… ‘Bottom’. It is he (the only member of the rude mechanicals) that experiences an unexpected trip to the Fairy world and by the end of the play, he sees the flickers of the fairies and knows that he was really there with Titania. All four world come together seamlessly and are topped off with one outstanding happy ending. Even though we are concluded with Puck’s closing statement… the audience can flounder between what they want to believe or not to believe. Could it be that some of us can see things around us that others cannot? It can only be defined by that individual. If Shakespeare is supposed to be conveying a message, I prefer to explain it as the artistic imagination simultaneously in tune with the mystical world and it is best used to present the blessings of nature upon mankind and marriage....
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