LITR 103 Journal Assignment for Unit 5

LITR 103 Journal Assignment for Unit 5 - Kyle’s family...

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Rachel L. Gates LITR 103 Journal Entry Unit 5 When focusing on the use of symbolism used in A Doll’s House an obvious place to start is with the title of the play itself, A Doll's House. This invites the audience to apply a metaphor to the play, to see what is going on in the couple’s dysfunctional household as somehow equivalent to a child playing make believe - featuring an artificial life of dolls manipulated by the doll master or mistress . The title opens up the invitation to us at once to wonder about the issue of power. The symbolism used within this play is significant for the audience to be able to fully comprehend exactly what is going on with the characters. It is similar to how real life is perceived in the eye of society. When all signs point to negativity, society tends to place the obvious fact of fate on the tell tale signs preceeding an unfortunate event or issue. For example, let’s assume we have two people dating… Beth and Kyle, Beth ends the relationship with Kyle because she was unhappy.
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Unformatted text preview: Kyle’s family thinks she is the bad person. On the other hand, Kyle drank all day, every day. Drunk all of the time. He became impotent and abusive. Now, until everyone in Kyle’s family is informed of these issues, they won’t understand what Beth had to deal with and continue to believe that she is an awful person. However, when Tabloid Magazine interviews Beth, they publish the problems to society. Now society can understand the facts and trace fate back to Kyle’s alcoholism. I didn’t use symbolism in this just to make the point about how the audience/society can relate the symbols in the play to the fate of the relationship. Ibsen needed to use this technique to communicate the most unusual feminism movement, without being too obvious. I believe he was trying to catch the attention of the audience to force them to recognize how critical foundations are to a healthy relationship, all while using symbolic ploys to reel the attention in....
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