LITR 103 Journal Assignment for Unit 7

LITR 103 Journal Assignment for Unit 7 - Rachel L Gates...

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Unformatted text preview: Rachel L. Gates LITR 103 Journal Entry Unit 7 Yes! This is definitely dramatic literature marinated or driven, if you will, by a very political movement, nonetheless. I believe this because I was speaking to a close friend of mine; she was telling me that she had actually witnessed one of these demonstrations at the Statue of Liberty. Several other people sitting nearby began speaking up about these occurrences as well. It was strange how interested everyone was, not to mention how so many people know about this and I never had a clue. Some people could argue that this is essentially a political outburst or governmental hate project, but I don’t think that it is only centered on politics. It takes an extremely brilliant mind to construe something like this, by that I mean Bertolt’s mind. I am able to see that his use of theatre for more than entertainment is extremely useful. In contrast to the other plays within our semester, I can see a slightly direct relation to how the use of his artistic style...
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