LITR 103 Journal Entry Unit 6

LITR 103 Journal Entry Unit 6 - Rachel L. Gates L ITR 103...

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Unformatted text preview: Rachel L. Gates L ITR 103 Journal Ent ry: Unit 6 The character of Yank and his surroundings, in addition to, his unfortunate demise was also symbolized by his death, the profound way that he died, rather. T his particular situation not only brought attention to his social disposition but as h is own protagonist atti tude that took him to his grave. Yank is finally convinced of h is societal deficiency. He then decides to free the animal and join him in b rotherhood. Regrettably, even the gorilla castoffs Yank and kills him. Before he d ies, the “hai ry ape” mourns: “ He got me, aw r ight. I’m trou. Even him didn’t tink I belonged. Christ, where do I get off at? Where do I fit in?” Yank has asked where he’d fit in several t imes throughout the film, signifying that he noticed that he really doesn’t have the skills to survive in the common world. Yank belongs with w hat we represents, in a cage, away from middle class, possibly not even with the lower class. Yank did come to a realization just as he is dying and that he belongs to the cage that the gorilla has thrown him in. He is where he really belongs; this is essentially the identifiable structure that Yank was looking for. T he Hai ry Ape presents Yank’s mental insufficiencies and as a consequence, ends the life of Yank, symbol of the modern man, caught in the mechanical and i ndustrial development of civilization, his individuality is completely lost. Yank, deluded by his belief that he is the force behind the steel, at the final scene of the p lay, came to a point of realization that he is indeed a victim of steel and can no longer find his place in nature. Yank, whose rootless, bitter struggle against a hostile society is symbolic of t he misfortune of the modern man; lost in the uncaring world of industrialization. ...
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LITR 103 Journal Entry Unit 6 - Rachel L. Gates L ITR 103...

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