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1 Homework #1 Process Analysis and Capacity Management Solutions BUAD311- Operations Management Fall 2010 Hiroshi Ochiumi Due 8:00 am on September 9 Homework 1 has a maximum of 50 points. There are 4 questions. Students can discuss homework questions with each other or with the instructor, provided that the actual work is done individually. I expect most students to use Word. Please create a word file using your full name, Example: hw_1_kate_bush.doc and provide your answers in the word file. You may choose to handwrite, scan it to create a jpg or pdf file, and upload. You can save your work-in-process within Blackboard. Attach your file and click on “Save as Draft” to save your WIP. You can come back later and resume work. If you are sure your work is complete, attach your file and click on “Submit.” Note: You have not only to “Browse My Computer” and select the file, but also to “Submit.” After submitting, you should see Attempt #1 under Submission History. Click on it and make sure you can see the attached file(s). If you don’t see the file here, neither will the grader. In case you find an error in your initial submission, multiple attempts are allowed. If there are multiple attempts, only the latest attempt will be graded. All the others will be ignored. The Homework 1 link on Assignments page will disappear at 8:00 am on September 9. Make sure you “Submit” by then. No late homework will be accepted. Do not just provide answers. Show your work. Explain, wherever applicable, how you come to
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hw_1_solution - Homework #1 Process Analysis and Capacity...

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