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Physics 170: Problem Set 7 (Due Thursday, December 2 in TA’s mailbox) 1. Kittel Ch. 9, problem 1 2. Kittel Ch. 9, problem 2 3. Kittel Ch. 9, problem 3 4. Kittel Ch. 10, problem 1 5. Kittel Ch. 10, problem 4 6. Kittel Ch. 10, problem 8 In the last few lectures, we are going to quickly finish coverage of Chapter 9, and then move into the theory of phase transitions. We will most likely cover portions of Chapter 10 in the lectures on Thursday November 18 and Tuesday November 30. The final lecture on Thursday December 2 will be a more general lecture intended to broaden your physics
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Unformatted text preview: knowledge, on the subject of the renormalization group and its role in critical phenomena. A good reference for that, at an appropriate level, is: H.J. Maris and L.P. Kadano, Teaching the renormalization group, Am. J. Phys. 46 (1978) 652. A much more in-depth treatment, still at a very accessible level, can be found in the textbook Modern theory of critical phenomena by S.K. Ma. 1...
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