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It seems nearly anyone who has ever shopped online, or has surfed the web at all, will have heard of an online retailer known as eBay. Most will immediately recognize eBay as a place to bid or sale in an auction-style format; a very unique service that has given eBay such a stronghold on the market for the past 12 years or so. While eBay is primarily customer-driven, it has had its share of customer dissatisfaction. eBay is driven primarily by its customers, who can buy, as well as sale, various items. Customers as sellers pay listing fees to list their items, then will pay a final selling fee once the item it sold. Therefore, eBay will generate a good portion of their revenue from these sales. So, while eBay wants to attract buyers to their website to increase their sales, they also are dependent upon attracting & retaining sellers. This marketing approach creates an excellent personal relationship with customers, as they depend upon customers just as much as customers depend upon them. Although the customers perform most of the work, eBay still maintains control of their customers through
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