Toyota case - Toyota definitely has some distinctive...

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Toyota definitely has some distinctive capabilities in comparison to other large automakers. Toyota takes advantage of past mistakes and misguided projects to improve their future auto production. As our case points out, Toyota has their own language dubbed “Toyota-speak”. Executives of Toyota created the term “kaizen”, which simply put means “continuous improvement”. It is amazing that Toyota rewards workers for finding and reporting problems or imperfections to the executive team. In a lot of corporations, the actual workforce are overlooked and neglected, but not within Toyota. As most Kentuckians already are aware of, the largest U.S. factory, and maker of the Toyota Camry, is in Georgetown, KY. In this factory, there is a “kaizen” team of workers who do nothing else but to come up with better, more efficient ways to save time and money. The Georgetwon team had discovered that simply by removing the radiator support base until a later stage of production, they could significantly cut down on their time and efforts to install parts along the assembly line. I was very impressed to learn of the many assembly lines running simultaneously throughout the plant, that allow a car to be built in just 20 hours. This shows the many efforts and strategy in place by the Toyota team to operate more efficiently and continue with the doctrine
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Toyota case - Toyota definitely has some distinctive...

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