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Nike’s brand image and sources of brand equity are very well known in the US. Nike’s brand image brings to mind traits of performance, endurance, & speed. It also brings to mind many well-known, talented athletes such as Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, who proudly displayed the Nike “swoosh” while in front of the cameras. Back in the mid-80’s, most may remember a little commercial featuring Michael Jordan, then an unknown rookie. Immediately, everyone wanted the Nike Air Jordan shoes he wore, so they could run faster and jump higher. Nike had built their reputation on the focus of providing high performance shoes, designed to outfit runners and other athletes. This brand image stuck, being both an advantage and disadvantage to Nike in their fights to control the majority of the market. Nike’s goals to become a global corporation had different affects on their brand image in the US, Europe, and Asia. In Asia, Nike was heavily scrutinized for their Asian factories; some with very low wages and poor working conditions. Also, when the Asians economy hit a slump in the mid-90’s,
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