BADM 533 Sara Norton Case

BADM 533 Sara Norton Case - BADM 533 Case Quiz Sarah Norton...

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BADM 533 1) What is the ethical dilemma that Sarah Norton faces in her new job with Wise Research? What are the specific things that bother Sarah? Are any of these issues in violation of the Marketing Research Association’s Code of Ethics? Sarah Norton has several ethical dilemmas to contemplate, prior to her big decision to take the job offered to her at Wise Research. First, it appears there is very little communication between the owners of Wise Research and the management of Wise Research, despite what Sarah had answered within her list of 17 questions. Instead, the owners seem to not back up the management’s decisions or for that matter to allow the management to make decisions on their own. In addition, with no bonus offerings or increased pay incentives, employee morale will remain low at Wise Research. Sarah may be treated very nice upfront, but more than likely will ultimately be treated the same as the other managers. I was a little bothered with the pay discussion between Sarah and Cindy, as well as the other discussions between other management. I agree Sarah should be proud of her pay, but comparing one another’s pay will only lead to envy and curiosity by other employees. Some will become very upset that newer employees are paid more, or question why. It was also very unfair for Katie Wise to decide to fire the employee who had discussed their pay, considering that the employee had not realized the implications that would befall them. Also, the first day proved to discredit Sarah’s expectations after her interviews and
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BADM 533 Sara Norton Case - BADM 533 Case Quiz Sarah Norton...

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