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John Valencia April 20, 2010 Reflection Sim Lab Day On this week’s clinicals, our group was assigned for a Sim Lab. It was an interesting experience, because of the many things that we did not expect to happen. We expected that we were to be instructed on how to insert urinary catheters, change wet to dry dressings or go in-depth on our care plans we prepared the day before. We expected that we are going to do all these in a “classic way,” where we will be given instructions, and we all are going to demonstrate it at once. Surprise, surprise, groups of four were made and these teams were instructed to simulate a clinical shift on a simulation mannequin, all captured on video and transmitted live to other classmates. The other groups evaluated how the “nurses on the floor” perform their tasks before or after their shift. What threw the other groups off is that there were unexpected things that progresses on the patient, like development of pneumonia. On our shift, the patient then developed hypoglycemia. We were commended by our instructor
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