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HCA 202 Midterm Study Guide 1. Vocabulary – review key terms at the end of each chapter. Including a. Durable medical equipment b. Hospice and palliative care 2. Hospitals a. Historical development b. Types c. Governance d. Financing e. Legislation 3. Veterans Health Care a. Benefits b. Hospitals 4. Alternative Medicine a. Types b. Definition 5. Uninsured/Underinsured a. Size of population b. Causes c. Effects to hospitals and health care system
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Unformatted text preview: d. Medically underserved 6. Medical Occupations a. Primary care b. Group practices 7. Financing a. HMO/PPO/MCO b. Gatekeeping c. Utilization controls d. Payment systems 8. Health Insurance/Coverage a. Public programs b. Private programs c. COBRA d. HIPAA e. Medicare (parts A-D) f. Medicaid g. SCHIP h. Risk pools 9. Technology a. Evolution b. Impact on health care c. Cost...
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