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Current Research in Community Health Current Research in Community Health Journal Article Critique HSC 401; Rubric Journal Article Critique HSC 401; Rubric Name: Turnitin paper ID # : Date: This rubric is designed to make clear the grading process for written communication by informing you, the writer, what key elements are expected by the university in a “good” piece of written work. Your written work will be evaluated by the criteria below in order to give you specific feedback to help guide your development as a writer. Your writing will not be graded point by point by these items; it will be graded for its overall quality. Excellent Good Competent Fair Not Acceptable Presentation 1. The purpose and focus are clear and consistent. 2. Organization is purposeful, effective, and appropriate. 3. Sentence form and word choice are varied and appropriate. 4. Punctuation, grammar, spelling, and mechanics are appropriate. 5.
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