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Extra Credit 425I Nomura Extra Credit You may earn up to 30 points of Extra Credit, or 3% of you grade. Extra credit is meant to help those who may be on the border of a grade, not as a substitution for studying for tests or doing assignments. Extra credit will be graded as an assignment; neat and complete work must be done to receive full credit. Extra credit must be done throughout the semester, not just in the last few weeks of class. Please see syllabus for due date of extra credit. I have been known to randomly give extra credit points for a job done extremely well. Other extra credit options may reveal themselves during the semester. NO EXTRA CREDIT WILL BE ACCEPTED PAST THE DUE DATE. Attend a Workshop Attend a workshop being sponsored by the Student Health Center, the Women’s Center, the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Center on campus, or any other health related or educational technique workshop. The topic being presented should be a topic from the course. Submit a flyer from the event and a one-page write up of what you learned about
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