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Subject: Curiosity (pages 119-138) Posted by Dr. Jackie Mangieri Thu Nov 18 10:21:32 2010. Message: In Chapter 6, the author discusses the concept of identifying gaps in your knowledge and how you can close those gaps. She describes four levels of knowledge which can be used to measure how much you know about a particular subject. • Think about the many things you know, and how much you know about each subject. • Using the author's four knowledge levels, provide examples of subjects about which your level of knowledge falls into each. . • Describe a subject in which you would like to raise your knowledge level and how you will go about learning more in that area. The four knowledge levels are: Level 1: Knowing enough to be able to think about the subject and grasp the subject. Level 2: Knowing enough to be able to talk about the subject and give examples of the subject. Level 3: Knowing enough to be able to teach about the subject and explain the important characteristics
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Unformatted text preview: to someone else. Level 4: Knowing enough to be able to debate about the subject and challenge others on certain points about the subject. I would like to learn more about languages. I am taking Chinese (Mandarin) in a couple of weeks and that will help me to learn more about the language. Posted by Sandra Elmore Mon Jan 31 16:58:42 2011. Message: I understand about not being that good at math. My knowledge with math would be level one also. I have taken several classes for math, but I have trouble catching on. I do better at English and would say that I would have about Level 3 for English since I used to help others in English. Posted by Sandra Elmore Mon Jan 31 16:59:48 2011 Thread: lol I understand what you mean on some subjects feel like it would be knowledge level zero. I feel like that with math also....
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