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Subject: Grouping (pages 139-160) Posted by Dr. Jackie Mangieri Thu Nov 18 10:22:07 2010. Message: Cooperative learning is a widely-used approach. It is not at all uncommon to have to work in some type of group in a classroom setting. It provides good skills such as leadership, teamwork, and communication. Understanding how you work best in a team can only make the team stronger. • Based on the questionnaire on pages 142-144, discuss the group situation in which you would work best. I found out that I work best Alone/Pair. When I am in a group with too many people I usually try to do the project by myself because I like to get the work done and am finished with it instead of standing around talking about the project. • Give examples of both a positive and a negative experience you have had in group situations. • What went right, what went wrong? In a small group I do better than a big group so I would say my most positive experiences when working in a group would be working in a small group at work. It helps when working in a small group at work
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