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HRM200 In-Class Assignment for January 25, 2011 Name: _______________________ Student ID: _________________ Name: _______________________ Student ID: _________________ Name: _______________________ Student ID: _________________ INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Form a 3 person group (all three group members will receive the same grade) 2. Print ” all 3 names and student ID’s on all pages you submit 3. Read the case study carefully noting important information. Discuss the case with your group mates, agree on what needs to be done 4. Determine who will do what and form an action plan to submit this assignment via the course electronic “Drop Box” on Ace by Tuesday, February 1 st , at 12:00 p.m . (noon) 5. This assignment is worth up to 15 marks (15%) of your final course grade CASE STUDY – “Hire Smarts” Assume your group is Mr. Hirem Wright, the Human Resource Manager of FasTeq Inc., a start-up business in Waterloo’s technology park. Your company’s new consumer product has taken the market by storm and sales are exploding beyond the business plan’s prediction and anyone’s wildest expectation. Your company sells its products through both an independent dealer network and
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HRM200_HireSmarts_Assignment_1_1_ - 1 HRM200 In-Class...

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