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29 Lesson Person Perception and Attribution

29 Lesson Person Perception and Attribution - Person...

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Person Perception and Attribution ASSIGNMENT a. Study text Chapter 16, (pg. 633-642). b. Complete Concept Check 16.1, (pg. 638) and Concept Check 16.2, (pg. 642). c. Review Questions: Chapter 16 practice test questions 1-5 (pg. 675). d. Answer IPOs 29-1 & 29-2. LESSON OBJECTIVES 29.1 Explain how impressions of others impacts behavior. 29.2 Explain the attributed cause for a given behavior and the impact on subsequent behavior. PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES 29-1. Describe how we form impressions of others. a. Effects of Physical Appearance. Good looking people tend to: Secure better jobs Earn higher salaries Be viewed as more competent over all People are also judged by how they move, talk, and gesture (nonverbal expressions) which tends to be accurate b. Cognitive Schemas. Social schemas are organized clusters of ideas about categories of social events and people People routinely place one another in categories and these categories influence the process of person perception c. Stereotypes. Stereotypes are widely held beliefs that people have certain characteristics because of their member ship in a particular group Foster inaccurate perceptions 29-2. Describe the effects of subjectivity and bias in person perception. a. Illusory Correlation. Occurs when people estimate that they have encountered more confirmations of an associate between social traits than they have actually seen 29 29 L E S S O N
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They also tend to underestimate the number of disconfirmations they have encountered. b. Confirmation Bias. Individuals selectively recall facts that fit with their schemas and stereotypes c. Spotlight Effect.
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