Ch. 16 Lymphatic-tortora

Ch 16 lymphatic tortora

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Unformatted text preview: Lymphatic Tissue Lymphatic Tissue Introduction Introduction Pathogen Susceptibility – Disease producing microbes – Lack of resistance Immunity/resistance – The ability to ward off damage or disease through defenses – Innate (nonspecific) – Adaptive/acquired (specific) Introduction Introduction Innate (nonspecific) immunity – defenses that are present from birth – always available to protect us against disease – does not involve specific recognition of a microbe – does not have a memory component Introduction Introduction Components of innate immunity – first line of defense – second line of defense skin mucous membranes natural killer cells phagocytes inflammation fever antimicrobial substances Introduction Introduction Adaptive/acquired (specific) immunity – defenses that involve specific recognition of a microbe – based on a specific response to a specific microbe – slower to respond – Has a memory component it adapts or adjusts to handle a single type of invader Introduction Introduction Components of adaptive/acquired (specific) imm...
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