Ch. 16 Lymphatic-tortora


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Unformatted text preview: s from L jugular, L subclavian, L bronchomediastinal trunk Drains lymph into L internal jugular and L subclavian v. Lymphatic Tissue Structure Lymphatic Tissue Structure Lymph ducts – Right lymphatic duct R jugular, R subclavian, R bronchomediastinal trunks Drains lymph into R internal jugular and R subclavian v. Skeletal mm. and respiratory pump aid in return of lymph to venous blood Checkpoint: Checkpoint: Collaborative Learning What is the general flow of fluid into, through, and back into the lymph system? Checkpoint: Checkpoint: Collaborative Learning Blood vessels blood capillaries interstitial space lymphatic capillaries lymphatic vessels lymph nodes lymph vessels lymph trunk lymph ducts venous blood Lymphatic Tissue Structure Lymphatic Tissue Structure Primary lymphatic organs – Site of stem cell division – Site of immuocompetence – Red bone marrow – Thymus Capable of immune response Production of B cells and immature T cells Production of mature T cells Lymphatic Tissue Structure Lymphatic Tissue Structure Secondary l...
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